We believe the balance of intake and exercise is the only sustainable healthy life style. Having a targeted moderate exercise based on your own diet status,  or creating a reasonable diet plan according to your own exercise intensity is the true healthy life style.
So we created eCoaster !
Scientific research found that hunger will only make people more yearning for high calorie foods. And over exercise will not only make people tired and easily lead to hypoglycemia but also produce a variety of sports injuries.
Blind exercise programs and unhealthy dieting programs create two common characteristics: 
This makes your good wishes unsustainable and cannot be achieved.
The original idea of the design for eCoaster is to convert the diet directly into exercise recommendations, to provide you with a variety of exercise programs or diet planning, to help you make a moderate diet programs and exercise programs which is easy to maintain and help you form a good life cycle.
 With use of the APP, it can also achieve nutrition classification management, monitoring sugar, salt, fat intake. 
We also built a temperature sensor in the eCoaster to help you monitor the environment temperature, such as baby room, pet box, plant cultivation box. With use of the APP, it can achieve remote temperature monitoring and there is over-temperature alarming setting.
eCoaster has been equipped with a 24-hour clock, you can set three time alarm with three different colors of the light, to remind you some important timing, such as regular medication, regular exercise, regular meals.

Rich function of App, easy to use!

  • Offline food database, applicable without internet.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems.
  • Free communication protocol, free self-developing APP to apply.
  • Rich set of features
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